Between the Lines

In the beginning there is an idea…
When does an idea start ? When does it end ?
Since we have learned and lived and explored already for quiet a while- since mankind exists- this question seems to show the limitations of our mind set.
We can not imagine what comes before the beginning and we can not imagine, what comes after the end.

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Spring Dance Video

Our “Spring Dance Reloaded“ YouTube campaign tells an inspirational story from some ordinary people working together and doing extraordinary things.

Live Learn Explore

Live Learn Explore is a video by Alex Hopf, Deborah Giehse-van Kempen, Nadja Raabe, and Todd Ford. Featuring BIS students!

BIS Gala

A documentation of the most recent choreagraphy by Nadja Raabe. Courtesy to B.I.S. Hubert Keulers, thanks to Gabriel Strauss, Deborah Giehse-Van Kempen, Todd Ford and the students of B.I.S.

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